Ash Almonte

Contemporary abstract painter, born in Abilene, Texas, in 1983. Fast gaining nationwide attention for her unique & fresh style. Ash Almonte uses references to abstract expressionism.

“The Chandelier series was created to express how we inspire one another,” explains Almonte. “As an artist I am attempting to portray this idea visually through the expression of light, the light we provide one another. The beauty and complexity of a chandelier is what I find best represents this light. Throughout all my works are hidden winding abstract circles, representing unconditional love without an end or beginning.”

“It is more about the execution, than the final product. I enjoy the process of making art more than the product” says Ash. Fueled by a desire to create, Ash began experimenting, using anything she could find. “I would tear apart bushel baskets at my dad’s fruit stand and use those to paint on. Anything and everything around me I would turn into works of art.”

After high school, Ash went on to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts from McMurry University in Abilene, where she began to perfect her unique style, working mainly with mixed media, including enamel, oil, acrylic and graphite. “I am inspired by beautiful color, incredible music, outrageous fashion, raw works of art, loud works of art, and even by taking risks,” says Ash. “I am also moved by the process of change, learning of individuals who are doing good things in the world or for our planet, or even hearing about miraculous stories of the past and present. I am moved by life and inspired by every minute of it,” she says.