Federico Lopez

Federico Lopez Corcoles was born in the Alicante region of Spain in 1970. This area is well known for its artistic tradition, producing world-renowned skilled artists. He studied drawing and painting at the Escuela Permanente de Adultos San Carlos from 1995-2001 in Ontinyent, a Valencian community in Spain.

At this time, he also got involved in working in the Association of Art 92 in Bocairent, another Valencian municipality, as well as in the association “Font d’Art” in Ontinyent. By participating in these associations, Lopez was able to exhibit his works to a broader audience in multiple group exhibitions from 1995 to 2012 around the Valencia region. Also, the exposure to many painters in the Valencian area through these associations and exhibitions allowed him to experiment with his style and develop his artistic vision into what we see today.

Lopez utilizes bold brushstrokes and a bright color palette in order to convey the dimensionality and tonality of his subject. It is the variant of bright colors, not hues or tones that add depth to his works. Color and the line work of his brushstrokes work together to form an image, composed with decisiveness and accuracy.

He continues to work on his art and exhibit in Spain today.

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