Jess Williams

A native to the marshes of southern Louisiana and serving an ever-expanding range of customers, Jess strives to provide beauty and color through brush strokes of imagination.

Her love for art started from the smallest ember of childhood adventures, where dreams were wild and love was abundant. This grew into a promise to return to southern Louisiana roots and all that is natural and pure with hopes to share the love and beauty of Louisiana.

Jess’s inspiration in life is drawn from the beauty of completely wild yet loving spaces. 

the neon sunsets of the Louisiana bayous.

the gently shifting umber grass of late southern summer.

the calming pace of dripping rain after an immense southern storm.

The world around us is often fast; tempting us into currents of momentary gratification and distraction. Part of our offering is an invitation to let go of that vibration and find wholeness in the simplicity of life, drawing a focus on the present, on the small moments that bring light, finding a level of therapy and beauty in the bounty of the earth that is often overlooked