Antonio Torres

Throughout his evolution as a painter, Antonio Torres has dedicated himself to one recurring theme: ballet. Dancers from all over the world showcase graceful poses and elegant costumes in each captivating painting. Fascinated with ballerinas’ patterns of movement and psychological dedication, Torres skillfully captures their mastery of performance by depicting their varied demeanors both on and off the stage.

While Torres portrays notable dancers from all over the world, his work is categorized into three distinct series and each inspired by a different ballerina. The Contrasts series provide striking distinctions between light and shade frequently placed in intimate settings. Blue Dream paintings convey the beauty of ballet through various expressionistic techniques, while the Blue Rainbow series incorporates surrealism to depict dreamlike performances.

Through this diversity, Torres captures the multifaceted aspects of ballet and its dedicated performers. Torres personalizes private moments, and this exclusive access to intimate views offstage are a hallmark of his work. Aware of the rare circumstances accessed to him via his friendships with numerous ballerinas, Torres graciously remarks,

“I thank God for having the opportunity to be surrounded by so many talents behind the scenes.”