Linda Israel

Linda Israel was raised in New York and Aspen, Colorado. She spent her childhood visiting the quaint and weathered countryside of New England and immersing herself in the vast, rugged wilderness of the West. Her innate sense of color and shape led her to study painting at the University of Colorado­Boulder before returning to New York to study interior design.

Linda’s first memories are centered around her passion and love for animals. Inspired to bring their souls alive on canvas, She paints a variety of animals with bold strokes and bright colors and participated in her first art show 6 years ago, shortly after deciding to focus solely on her painting. To her surprise, all of her works sold that evening. Her career as an artist has evolved effortlessly ever since. Linda is now featured in various galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming and she is collected internationally in Germany, Australia, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Canada.

Linda lives at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park in Grand Lake, Colorado with her husband Greg, and her dog Tura Lu. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.