Isabelle Dupuy

“As a landscape artist, I’m captured by what I see in nature. I create my artwork with colors just brighter than reality. My goal is to beautify the lives of others through my work. Painting with vibrant and warm colors is what gives my art an uplifting feeling of joy and peace. My inspiration comes from home, the Provence, where I missed the colors, the scents, the lights, the warmth. Each painting I create is a reflection of where I have been or want to be. This world has beautiful places and there was nothing more I want then bringing it to light for the enjoyment of others. In essence my work should brighten your spirit by bringing warmth and beauty of reds, yellows, blues, and greens of nature around us.” – Isabelle Dupuy

Born in France in 1969 Isabelle Dupuy spent her childhood in the country countryside of Provence, in Southern France. She developed her artistic skills at L’Ecole des Breaux-Art in Valence, France as a teenager and young adult. It became a passion.

Isabelle developed her own style with the inspiration of Impressionism from her favorite artist Monet and Renoir. Her paintings are often inspired by locations near her home the French countryside. Through her art, Isabelle transports the view were to open spaces. She enjoys capturing on campus the vivid colors in light of the Mediterranean.

In the Gallery