Sherri Mignonne

Sherri grew up under the influence of female artists. She was taught by her grandmother, a landscape painter, and was also influenced by her mother, a decorator and artist. Sherri began painting in oils as a teenager and continued her artistic education as the University of Texas at Arlington as well as though workshops and self study. Her love of painting played a prominent role in her life although it wasn’t until 2004 that she began to pursue it as a career.

“Creative expression is a great source of peace, love, and life to me. Through art and writing I’ve been able to embrace and explore the world around me and sometimes escape it. Creativity is my friend, my guide, and my therapist. If we all have a message for the world, then mine can be found in the visual and written works I’ve created. I hope that through my art I have already and will continue to bring a bit of wonder, beauty and enjoyment to this world, and perhaps that I might inspire another to share their own creative inner world with the rest of us.

A passion for aspen trees and horses is apparent in my work. The love for aspen trees came suddenly while on vacation in the mountains of New Mexico. The beauty of the tall white trees with black eyes and silvery leaves, which make a beautiful sound unlike any other tree, captivated me instantly. When I traveled up to the higher elevations of Colorado where there was nothing else as far as the eye could see other than these magnificent, towering giants, I was in awe. They have a hypnotic effect on me.”