Edmond “Chuck” Blouin Jr.

Edmond “Chuck” Blouin Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. As the son of an artist, he was destined for a life in art. He began considering a career in painting during his second year of studying architecture.

Encouraged by his professors, he began painting in earnest. He was able to pay for the remainder of his college education with the sale of his paintings.

Some of Blouin’s better-known patrons include Nicholas Cage, John McEnroe, and John Tyson. His portrayals of nature and atmospheres are astonishingly accurate. Blouin’s work is light and tender in quality, fresh in color, and scintillating in its portrayal of light and the reflection of light upon landscapes or people.

Blouin’s favorite subjects are the people of the Southern culture surrounded by the charming southern landscape and structures. Though he also paints still lives, seascapes, and even a few portraits of horses.

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